Please contact me before placing  an order.i would check your concept and give you discount based on the technicalities of your concept.
i would create a 3D model , character model or animation model for you for a 3d game or animation from a provided or not, image. 
Giving you Top quality 3d model work to meet your specifications within your required timeline.
– Clean optimized UV maps.
– Low poly game ready model or animation model.
– Top quality textures.
– Your required polygon count.
Since every game character model or 3d model is different please contact me before ordering.
The price might drop or increase depending on the complexity of the 3d model and the purpose of the model.

i do all 3d model
– Game model
– Game character
– AAA  game model
– AAA game prop
– AAA game character

I will be glad to discuss your requirements.

Thank you 
3d character modeling just for you.